Granddad's Shed Granddad's Shed Granddad's Shed Granddad's Shed Granddad's Shed
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Granddad's Shed

What makes this special? Well this is my Granddad's shed!

As you can see, built entirely by his own fair hand, it has grown almost organically over the years. You can't see the integrated wood store behind it, the outdoor vice bench is also difficult to see and the extra mini storage shed is just out of the photo on the right.

I am not yet a fully fledged Shed-Man (I don't have my own shed... yet :( ) but I am a Shed-Fan.

I'm actually an Art Student doing a project on sheds and the nostalgia of my father and grandfather's sheds, and building wooden things they and other Shed-Men have and would build in their sheds over the years.

I really do hope, one day, to have a workshop/shed I can build things in, maybe even to sell and make a living out of my very own shed.

That has got to be the best thing in the world..... Going to work in your shed!!!!


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