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My Dad's Shed

This is a semi-vintage model, built from found or recycled materials. It has evolved as bits dropped off (roof, door, bits of walls) and survived invasion by mice, chewing by dog and general heavy usage by the family!

My father built this shed from collected materials when we moved to Sawbridgeworth in 1965. Every day, he'd come home with more 'stuff' gleaned from God-knows- where, which gathered in a heap until he constructed it. It wasn't until I had seen the many and amazing sheds displayed on this site, made from mish-mash of where-did-you-get-that- from? bits that I realised I was descended from a recycling pack- rat! This shed also contains a set of 1950's Ostermilk tins containing a vast selection of near-useless and rusty screws, nails, nuts, bolts and washers but never in the size that you need! This is my inheritance??!!!!


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