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it is in the basement of our home. It was a furnace workshop room, the previous owner had a workbench and there was a big smelly oil tank, now removed but the furnace is still there. I firstly sawed off some of the workbench to get a big sofa in and then put a tv on the work bench.

I then realised what I really wanted and burnt the workbench now the room has digital tv a newer couch a wing chair and a big leather lazy boy chair - footrest pulls out, a fridge stocked with wine and beer is easily reached without getting out of this chair, We have sound surround stereo, carpeting, built in bookshelves and a specially installed smoke extractor fan.

It is formally named The Mel Tyler Lounge after a dead pal from Sheffield. We had an official opening ceremony and we were full to capacity,eight people, lots of champers.My mate Sam from Guisborough was so impressed that he went home and converted his barnsized garden shed. Our families meet in competition for the Skyshed trophy, Zimnoch Family two time winners and despite what Sam says there has been no cheating during this sporting specatcular.

Last series August 2006 cricket on the beach at Redcar.Previous contest was baseball in a layby on the road to Cleveland Ohio.There is no empty surface, tickets stapled to the walls from NFL games rugby matches, soccer concerts you name itw we have been ther, also family photographs,baseball pennants , flags, fine china, model soldiers. The only permanent resident is the cat who sleeps on the wing chair. Most visitors are extrememly impressed as well they might be.

I definitely think it should be shed of the year because it has been existence for many years, around 10, and also because of the pioneer work we have done in getting Sam to emulate us, I also doubt there is a shed trophy being played for by other shed owners. Us shed lovers are known as Sheddites, a very suitable term coined by Sam. Amen

visitors welcome, overnight accomodation for one drunk on the couch, blankets provided.


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