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All the wood for this shed came from and was kindly donated by the construction companies who built the Hilton Hotel, Manchester. I spent my dinner breaks denailing and stacking all the wood in its different sizes, in the end i had about three tonnes of wood, with the kind permission of my employer it was transported to my house, and my eight year old Daughter helped me to design and build the shed. |In total it took two years to build and sits on a raft of 4x4 timber 9 feet x 12 feet.the walls are insulated by sheets of kingspan double foiled insulation we had enough timber over to fence the garden as well !!. We looked upon this project as recycling as much timber from skips on the construction site as possible.

During the bad storms we expierienced this year the council shredded trees in the area, and so thats how we got the tree stumps and the wood chip. The flower boxes were also made from the wood rescued from the skips.


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