Total Rewind VCR Museum Shed Total Rewind VCR Museum Shed
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Total Rewind Vcr Museum Shed

My shed is a museum! I use it to store my collection of around 75 vintage video recorders, and it's the spiritual home of the Total Rewind museum website.

It's heated and insulated, to protect the old machines, so is a good place to sit and think any time of the year.

Before having this shed, my flat was completely filled with old videos - when we moved, I was forbidden to have any in the new house - hence the need for a museum shed!

I've been interviewed for newspaper, TV and Radio in this shed, and machines from my collection have appeared in the film 'Son Of Rambow', and the TV series 'Electric Dreams. My shed also got me on Jonnie Vaughan's TV show -- where the studio set was a giant shed!

For more about the museum, visit http:/ /

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