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The Abomination

One of my very earliest creations - but certainly not one of my finest. Absolutly bullet proof build - but she's no looker. Chunky 18mm Medite cladding- Jablite insulaton and 15mm insulation. That's a steel roof under the fascia - and all the electrics are integral - very pretty, flush intenal walls. Essentially the bedrock principles of all the garden offices I've produced since.

Well, it's home - kind of - but given that I've produced over 200 garden offices over the last few years it's ironic that my own shed is really rather a tip. It was one of my very first attempts and dates back to 2002 - but it suffered some apalling injuries as a "crash test dummy" when we did some "product development" in 2003. Surprise Surprise we didn't adopt many of the modifications into the production model!

Unprincipalled plugging of my garden office business:....dah...I can't... so I won't

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