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Ian's Shed

Category: Unexpected

My shed is bespoke - I designed it as an irregular pentagon to fit into a wedge of garden.

It's built with a 50mm x 50mm frame for strength, 18mm floor and roof, with feather-edge cladding. Behind are 3 x 200 litre waterbarrels, connected to a tap on the front.

It was built to store a motorbike, so the windows are up under the eaves, to give light but to stop anyone seeing in.

My favourite feature is the doors: 2 x 0.6m doors would mean for everyday use I'd have to open both. So I made one door 0.9m, with an additional 0.3m door to be opened occasionally, e.g wheeling the bike in and out. This little door is bolted into the frame, so pretty secure.

With a lean-to down the back, I'm very chuffed with it.

Next door's shed is nice, but too small for me.

The workshop in the background is just showing off...

I'd like to share how easy it was to design and build my own shed.

For under ?200 I got a shed that would have been ?400 in the shops, plus to my exact requirements and stronger.

  • Year first entered 2008
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