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Taj Tina

She might look expensive, but, well she is, but...there's plenty of hand- me-downs in there. The windows were out of my mate Darren's house in Lewisham (they formed part of an old bay window)...about 20% of the bricks were in the back garden when I moved in, and another 20% I...errr....found. And all the work was completed by my Uncle Les and me. The rest is all from outragously expensive reclaim centres.

It started out as a shed but has kinda graduated to boring folly status. My old girl has her eye on it but she's waiting to see if I put any electricity in it I suspect. Then she'll visit us, deliberatly break her hip and never leave. Booo... The pseudo wall tie was supposed to help make the front elevation look like a face. Hmmm....not very convincing - unless you've seen my wife of course.

Year first entered 2008


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