Brian's Combo Shed (coop/shed) Brian's Combo Shed (coop/shed) Brian's Combo Shed (coop/shed)
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  • Brian's Combo Shed (Coop/shed)
  • Brian McP
  • Merlin, Oregon, USA

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Brian's Combo Shed (Coop/shed)

Rather than have one large rectangle, I wanted a shed that was pleasant to look at. I designed my shed to serve two purposes: a) storage of feed and tools, and b) hen house for egg laying hens.

Esthetically, I wanted my shed to fit into the environment. To that end, I had a local sawmill person mill me some full-thickness sugarpine boards for the exterior siding. I made the windows myself, since I couldn't find new windows that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg.

The dimensions are 6x8' for the shed portion, and 8x10' for the coop portion. Shed and coop are separated by a wall with wire mesh and door. Hens come and go through a small "hen port" door.

I built this in late 2007.

Year first entered 2008


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