The Studio Retreat. The Studio Retreat. The Studio Retreat. The Studio Retreat. The Studio Retreat. The Studio Retreat. The Studio Retreat. The Studio Retreat.
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The Studio Retreat.

My shed started off as an 8'x6',in 1986. As we acquired more shattles we realised one shed only would not do, so we bought two more. A 7' x 5' and a 6'x 4'.Then the conversion was started on the small shed. The 7' x 5' is just for garden tools and storing things. We've actually got another small shed and thats for storage of unused household junk. That's three separate sheds. The window wall was moved ten feet out and the 6'x4' walls were attached end on, the roof was extended with a new section as was the floor which resulted in a 16' x 8' shed. The base was made from 50mm flagstones supported by random pieces of stone from around the garden and from various skips. I used a battery operated laser level to level up the base during construction. The shed bearers were 38mm x 46mm shed manufacturers standard bearer. I added to this with 18mm thick slate laths, it already had 18mm laths on the base but I wanted more ventilation. Under shed ventilation is vital to prevent rot. The entire base was then treated with a mixture of cuprinol creosote and old engine oil. This was also applied to the perimiter of the topside of the wooden shed base it's great for deterring woodlice. When the walls went up I increased the headroom so that a tall person could stand in the shed without stooping. The roof was reinforced with 75mm x 50mm joists plus large 'L'shaped shelf brackets to brace the roof to the walls. The entire interior is insulated with Kingspan 50mm slab between the wall battens and noggins, I bought three 8' x 4' slabs and raided skips for the remainder there is a tremendous difference to it's warmth and sound insulation and I reccommend it. The floor is a bit special, it's parquet flooring made from solid maple it used to be a dancefloor in a country house I salvaged about 800 blocks. The windows are covered with a panel of twinwall plastic to protect the windows and conserve warmth one of them is quickly detatchable to admit more light. The roof has had about four layers of mineral felt applied to it. The electrics are supplied from an underground cable in plastic conduit with its own Rccb box all double insulated and passed off by a qualified electrician. There are a few basic comforts, TV, Hi-Fi, and a kettle. I want to install a wood burning stove at some stage. Furniture wise there is very little at the moment, the interior will be better furnished by the end of this 'summer' 2008. An extended roof and verandah may form another project to improve my den. Photographs to follow when I can get my son to take some snaps for me, and upload them to this site, watch this space. I will update information as work proceeds on shed (Den). The photos show my shed on the lawn side of the garden that was in April 2007 It has now been moved back to where it used to be in 2000 which is closer to the house, before 2000 it used to be at the back of the house in all it's been moved four times now, - never again; I'm getting too old for all this D.I.Y. The reason for the move was because the shade under the trees prevented it from warming up naturally, that and the noise from falling rain off the overhanging trees was driving me mad. Thankfully the underground electric cable will still reach the new location via a new trench. Updated pics as soon as poss. Thats all for now Lawrence.

My shed has become a painting studio. I used to paint years ago and have decided to take it up again. I'm no expert but I do find it a relaxing pastime. I will have to install another window,to improve the natural lighting. The verandah project is still awaiting construction - one day. I keep getting lumbered with other DIY jobs by the wife. At least soon I may be able to swap decorating brushes for hogs hair brushes! After asking our immediate neighbours if they had any objections about my installing a stove we have abandoned the idea. We don't want to fall out over it. Well thats it, until I do something more with my 'Second Home'!

Skips are a great source of materials which other people are prepared to throw away I can't pass a skip without having a look to see if there's anything useful.

My shed.

It's my retreat my escape my own space. Where I can play my sixties music as loud as I like without anyone complaining, (another benefit of 'Kingspan') I love it. If you've got a garden get a shed they really are an essential item of any garden. Enjoy your shed.


In the sixth picture above there's a dehumidifier with a tool tray on top of it. I got it second hand. Get one if you can they're worth every penny. Regards Lawrence.

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