The Felder Shed The Felder Shed The Felder Shed The Felder Shed The Felder Shed
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The Felder Shed

It,s my private space where I play with my toys mainly my Felder CF731 combination machine. I put it in my back yard for Christmas 2004 but had an accident in May 2005 and I am just about able to crutch out there for an hour or 2 now. While I was in bed and a wheelchair for 2 years I dreamed about messing about in my shed I dreamed up the speaker project in bed. I built the bench as my first shed project from the Workbench Book in spring 2004 and these speakers. It has power and dust extractor and some cool tools. I have'nt finished the insulation or the extra double ply on the floor yet but I will someday. I am recovering from a setback right now but I am already planning another project.

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