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December 2007. We found an environment conscious joiner from the AECB website, (Alex Kilner, Halifax) to build most of the shed using fsc timber (6x2 redwood frame). Working with a tradesman who has similar ideals (to me) was a real treat. We designed a structure which could be insulated all round with 150mm of sheeps wool (thermafleece) insulation and used no concrete. The shed is resting on gabions (wire cages) filled with local stone. The roof is reclaimed slate and has a 'sola tube' on the south facing aspect. It is therefore light inside and has an even light because it is north facing (towards our house). This makes it good for design/art etc. I am still finishing it off (cladding inside and out, wiring, decorating, sorting out the rainwater harvesting etc). It is wonderful and initially, at least, will be my studio/workshop from within which I will make a new eco kitchen, two porches and plan the rest of the eco renovation of our humble 2 bed semi bungalow, which needs a lot of attention to bring it up to the standard of the shed. The shed is , probably, the closest I will get to an ecological "grand design".

Shed finished. Just added 2 more photos (sept 2009) which gives a more complete view and shows our now established wildlife pond

Alex- http://www.aecb.net/findmembers.php?memberSearch=6109

thermafleece- http://www.secondnatureuk.com/

fsc timber- http://www.fsc-uk.org/

osmo paints- http://www.osmouk.com/

western red cedar association- http://www.wrcla.org/cedar_benefits/sustainability_practices/default.htm

green building store- http://www.greenbuildingstore.co.uk/index-store.php

solatube- http://www.solalighting.co.uk/

3p technik rainwater collection- http://www.3ptechnik.co.uk/index.php/lng/en/tpl/160/home.html

Lindab guttering- http://www.lindab.co.uk

suppliers of the cladding- http://www.benchmarkdesigns.co.uk/

Womersleys eco building supplies- http://www.womersleys.co.uk/

local stone quarry- http://www.monebros.co.uk/home.htm

Year first entered 2008


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