little blue spunky shed little blue spunky shed little blue spunky shed
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  • Little Blue Spunky Shed
  • Charlene Kasian and Robert Matousek
  • San Diego, California USA

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Little Blue Spunky Shed

It is a painted stucco shed with an architectural shingle roof... and windows that open! It matches the main house in color and materials.

It is 10ft long and 5ft deep, and is on a cinderblock foundation. It's as solid as our house, maybe even more so. It is 8ft high at the front, sloping down to 6 ft high in the back. Since it was intended for storage, it was designed not so deep, in the style of a closet, so that there is no wasted floor space.

The double doors open to 6ft wide, and have hooks and storage boxes made from scrap wood attached.

Also, there are retractable shelves under the windows, provide a little extra surface to set things on when you need it, and fold away when you don't.

We designed and built it ourselves, and we had previously never done anything like that before.

We just finished it, and are planning to put a brick work patio around it. Also, I'm planning to paint a large filagree design on the front doors... but I'm still waiting for the right inspiration.

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