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Shred Shed

Everything runs on solar power and the passive solar works fantastic. The lighting is so great that we hardly ever use lights. In the winter it is heated with propane or natural gas and there is enough power to run anything we need. It has 240w of solar pv panels and 625amp hours of storage via gel batteries with an 1800 watt inverter. When its not sunny you can just hook it up to our truck and run it for a bit charging the batteries while running biodiesel, It also has a dc converter so you can plug in to the grid and charge the batteries if the truck is not around. It can also just be pluged in to the grid and bypassing the inverter altogether.

Project "Shred Wagen" aka "Shred Shed"

(Sustainable Mobile Cabin)

In an effort to educate people and businesses about sustainability, alternative energy, community and economic development our first Project Shred Wagen" hits the road! In a mobile cabin powered by solar energy and built with 90% reused materials to minimize our carbon footprint Heal the Snow representatives will take to the road on an adventure on the U.S. Freeskiing Circuit to target the people that love the snow and environment most!

Together we will build a healthy well educated community of environmental adventure enthusiasts. Working together we will achieve more by building local communities and bridging the gap between Environmental towns during our travels. In the summer we will be traveling to Various Green Festivals with the occasional adventure between events. Fueled by biodiesel we will build our network of Healthy Freethinking entrepreneurs to help reshape our future. Hope to see you on the road! Visit our blog to stay updated with our adventures.

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