Flooded shed Flooded shed Flooded shed
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Flooded Shed

This shed is a (small) paradise for a lucky sheddie The forget-me-not light blue stained exterior is very well liked by all the women in my world. I would tell you the source from the tin but what was left over was prised from my hands for a friends shed so popular Was the colour when painted 5 years ago. It floods here and I want to replace this veteran of annual floods. If anyone wants to dismantle it let me know. Metal sheds, ore aluminium sheds if you can get them, are fantastic for what they are but wooden sheds take the prize for me.

I have a 6x3 metal shed already nearby to replace it, which is higher placed on scrap school lockers! However I feel great attachment to the blue shed and I want to find a good home for it! It seems a crime to dispose of it, the roof was recovered 5 years ago, it is only the walls at the bottom that have been occasionally surrounded by water from the river 10 yards away.

Surely someone will find a safe harbour for her?

Location is Ringwood, with easy access for collection, with a pub nearby obviously looking over a river. My real passion is for beach huts, (see msbnews) . I would like you to know this inherited shed has been loved it is just that the site is not shed- friendly. When it goes I will be making a super-shed that can live with these conditions, maybe one on a pontoon!

Year first entered 2008


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