Jalsa Lodge Jalsa Lodge Jalsa Lodge
  • Jalsa Lodge
  • Mr Lakhani
  • North West London
All photos are copyright of the sheddie Mr Lakhani

Jalsa Lodge

Category: Pub/Entertainment

Jalsa Lodge "Jalsa" means have a good time in Gujarati (an indian based language).

- Moatbridge - Bridge crosses large pond feautring waterfall and exotic palms - Fish include Kois

The Pub Shed itself - 50 varieties of spirits - collection of miniatures - 40 different wines from around the world

- Designed by owner

- 6ft bar length with LED lighting - Star lighting above bar - Sound sensitive pulse lighting across the bar - Matching bar stools

- 2 large 4 seater sofas - 60inch TV with Sky included (Sky Sports too) - Wii for further entertainment - Karoke system - Disco lighting if required - Bar tables

Probably the best hand made pub-shed in the country! [in our opinion]

  • Year first entered 2008

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