The Anglers Rest The Anglers Rest The Anglers Rest The Anglers Rest The Anglers Rest The Anglers Rest
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The Anglers Rest

This is our pride and joy. The Anglers Rest was born out of our love for pubs and beer. Built in 2000 with the help of my mate Nev. We got it all going on here. Cask ale, a full range of bottled beers, spirits, two fridges full of wine and soft drinks. Sky TV and we can even smoke at the bar. My wife always knows where I am and because we buy our beer from supermarkets and local breweries, we are drinkin' and savin' money at the same time. A great venue for parties with a large BBQ outside. A wide range of music is available and if you can play a guitar, we got those as well. We are open all the time (except when I have to work). Like a lot of people on this website have said, I did ask if I needed permission to build and the council said no. Onward and upward. Unfortunately we are only open to friends and neighbours but we reckon every garden should have one. We have made some changes over the years, we've move the bar, redecorated and added windows that open. On the fron we've added a decked varander so we can sit out and watch the world go bye.

We have changed the inside 4 times. It keeps it fresh and our friends enjoy the different aspects we achieve after each refurb. View The Anglers Rest at v=17Gl3eBwRyg&list=HL1331920756&feature= mh_lolz

Year first entered 2009


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