Brasserie 64 Brasserie 64 Brasserie 64 Brasserie 64 Brasserie 64 Brasserie 64 Brasserie 64
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Brasserie 64

Our 'special' bar was once our kids play house but now they've outgrown it, its the 'big kids' turn to have a go! Its 10 foot square not massive but it does the job! and had a upstairs to it which we've took out hence it being quite tall. It has been made to try to look like a french style bar inside hence the name brasserie (and we live at number 64). There's a fully functional bar, including draught handpull, electrics, lighting and chiller. It has four stools around the bar and one small table with two small stools. Everything has come from car boots, ebay and we've even gone into to pubs and got a few freebies (don't ask don't get!) We've had quite a few bbq's and a few good partys in the month or so its been 'open'. Thanks for l@@king. Chris & Chris

Year first entered 2009


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