Leon Wheeler's Den Leon Wheeler's Den Leon Wheeler's Den
All photos are copyright of the sheddie John Wheeler
  • Leon Wheeler's Den
  • John Wheeler
  • End of a garden in Billericay, Essex

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Leon Wheeler's Den

See other details for this Shed - entering it again. Basically a child-size den made from post framework and exterior ply with a strong redwood planked floor.

There are many features which took time & care to build/make - ie. trap door entrance from below; roof sliding hatch to look/climb out of; emergency exit at rear; sliding hatch windows/viewing slits; part of roof from transparent plastic roofing; sliding entrance door.

Camouflage finish was an option - it did look better plain green in my view.

I can get in it to sit down, read, chill out - but not through the bottom hatch.

Year first entered 2009


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