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Home From Home.

Hand built from scratch using old lollipop sticks and pieces of cellotape! (timber I collected while working in a wood yard, off cuts and scrap!) It has a solid frame made from 38mm X 88mm and clad with tongue and groove fence lap. It's dimensions are 3m long, 2.1m wide and 2m high. The window I got from a customer who was replacing his. My girlfriend and I paintd it ourselves. The roof cost me ᆪ16 to cover with 11mm osb (staff discount) and all in along with a box of screws and paint cost about ᆪ40. A BARGAIN!! (Yes, it does need some felt yet)

I made it so the kids and I have somewhere to keep our bikes and not to mention a nice warm place that I can retreat to!

Year first entered 2009


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