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No shed name

Built with my own hands , here

The floor is made from 4" x 2" pressure treated timber mounted on 12 sunken concrete posts

each measuring about 12" x 18" and covered with 3/4" plywood and painted with floor paint.

The sides , front and back are constructed from 2" x 2" pine for the stud work with insulation and 11mm OSB inner and outer skins followed by a vapour barrier and finished with Shiplap then treated with a waterproofing agent. The 2 side windows are double glazed units as are the 8 foot x 8 foot sliding patio doors. The roof is made up from 4" x 2" pine and covered with 18mm OSB , then finished with Red felt shingles.

This took me about a year to build, in between the bad weather and holidays.


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