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The Garage

This is our first shed, and it is quite an achievement. We bought our first home two years ago and it included a small garden (now a vegetable and fruit patch)with a delapidated, old, rather large concrete garage in it. Keen to get the veggies in we 'E- bayed' the garage, getting 50 quid from Cliff in Doncaster who came and dismantled it and took it away on a dodgy trailer over several weekends. We were then able to erect our shed on the garage base, lovingly painting it and building storage and a work bench inside, and over time adding refreshments (a kettle and stove) and a solar light. We use it for gardening/potting and drying garlic in the spring and summer and to store fire wood in the winter. The bench in front of it is our 10th anniversary bench and we have added a water butt and bird feeder, together with a climbing rose. We love our shed, which we named The Garage in honour of its predecessor, and our friends proclaim they suffer from 'shed envy' when they visit!

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