Dobbies Den
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Dobbies Den

scratch built by Len using mostly recycled materials many years before the word recycling was such a common term!!

This is possibly the most important room in Lens house...even if it isnt in his house!.i spent a very happy childhood rummaging around amongst the wood shavings and sawdust and actually helped in its original construction back in the seventies as a five year old...well i mixed some concrete! its grown over the years , the last extension was carried out a few years ago singlehandedly by len at the age of 74.over the years he has produced countless wardrobes,tables,chairs, dozens of model buildings,cots,windmills,bird boxes, sledges,forts,go karts,dolls houses,..oh and a scratch built model of coronation street which toured art galleries in britain and across europe, and was sold to the british arts council last year..Andy Warhol had his factory..Len Dobson has his shed!

Year first entered 2009


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