The Home Office
All photos are copyright of the sheddie Andrew Barnwell & Sarah Parker
  • The Home Office
  • Andrew Barnwell & Sarah Parker
  • Conwy, North Wales

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The Home Office

It is a garden Office and an eco-shed all in one. It has a loo, broadband & telephone as it the Galactic headquarters of our company. It is also situated on the edge of Snowdonia. It featured in a glossy magazine and I can attach the article as a .pdf

The shed has been built with eco credentials and comes complete with sheep wool insulation, woodburner & turf roof. It is made from larch and recycled joists from an old hotel, with a maple floor. Its design is inspired by Norwegian mountain hyttes, but was built from scratch on site. The eaves at the back are very low to accommodate a large wood store to keep it self sufficient in heating

Year first entered 2009

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