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The Studio

They say every man should have a shed/bolthole at the bottom of the garden, but what about us ladies.

Mine is 18 feet x 12 feet with 3 windows & a pair of double doors. It has 2" (5cms) polystyrene insulation which makes it cold in the winter & hot in the summer !!!!! The roof was pink felt, but has subdued over time. We even had a 'christening the shed' weekend with family & friends, before kitting it out, to test how much weight it could take !

My hubby gives the outside each autumn a timber treatment & it is now 20 years old & will last years.

Ever inch(centimetre) is used to store stuff for work/pleasure. The roof is just high enough to make it roomy, but keeping that cosy feel to it. I must have been the first female to have one! Since then, many have sprung up around the world as a result of fellow 'sew - ers'(seamstresses) visiting it.

I built everything up inside it from a shell myself, complete with worktops, shelves & hooks in ceiling to hang things from

We are moving, but I am passing it onto the new owner who too has a fixation about 'sheds'. I will truly miss it, but have had many happy years in there.

The company custom made it in their yard, before bringing it to re assemble on site. All I had to do was get the concrete base laid. It stands on 2 x 2 struts which have 'felt' under them. I place carpet paper on the wooden floor before putting 2 layers of a nice green carpet on the floor.

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