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This was a shed originanllybought as a third shed by my parents, to store my Dad's tools when he retired before he built shed 4/The Workshop. Mum started painting the body of the shed green. Having left the the doors, she suggested that the doors looked like a tunnel. Looking at his breakfast bowl (yes he is 62 with a Thomas the Tank bowl) he sketched out thomas using a piece of string, a drawing pin and a a pencil. Mum mixed the paint from a number of old tins stored in another shed, and Dad painted it. A real joint effort. We are really proud of their sense of fun and Dad realises this is why he retired so he can do silly things like this.

This was the shortest shed build we have been roped into. Previously the got us building a 16'X 10' cabin over a weekend. This was a piece of cake by comparison!

Year first entered 2009


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