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The Ranch

The Ranch was born from necessity so as to allow bbqing in the famous British weather, with the aid of a large marquee and gazebo this now allows parties all year round, including bonfire, new year and most recently my wife's 40th birthday party. The Ranch was converted by myself from a part brick part wooden shed. It has hot and cold running water, full electrics to allow the viewing or essential football matches while still being able to prepare the best bbq for my guests, who are informed of the food being ready by the sound of the dinner bell. Everything needed to build The Ranch was sourced cheep or free, either by donations from friends and family or scavenged from the local tip, such as the granite work surface. For those needing more excitement a bespoke fitted chess board has been installed to allow either checkers or chess to be played. To prevent the need to enter the detached living area The Ranch has its own freezer with a plentiful supply of food. Drinks are chilled by placing them in an ice filled bucket, this is a temporary measure as a fridge will soon be installed. Wine is stored in the fitted wine rack.

The Ranch was built over many months as all the work was completed by myself. all the wood had to be replaced as the original structure had rotted beyond repair. Knocking down the brick work was the trickiest part as I am not a builder a did not posses the correct tools to prevent the upper rows of bricks falling on my head and toes.

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