Mazzy's Mosaic Mazzy's Mosaic Mazzy's Mosaic Mazzy's Mosaic
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  • Mazzy's Mosaic
  • Marianne Andrews
  • Cholsey, Nr Wallingford, Oxford

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Mazzy's Mosaic

It is totally insulated and a perfect place to work. Inside is light and airy and sitting outside is Yolande my dragon who keeps unwanted intruders away.

Cutting tiles and glass in our kitchen wasn't practical and after the second splinter of glass had made it's way into hubby's foot, I decided to invest my savings and buy a 'shed' in which to work. Bought off the internet at, it was delivered (flat packed) within a week. Erected in one day by my husband and then took a further month or two to put all the finishing touches.

Year first entered 2009


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