s Shed Across The Creek, Workshop/Studio from Brier Washington USA owned by George and Chrystine Ruch #shedoftheyear
Shed across the creek Shed across the creek Shed across the creek Shed across the creek Shed across the creek Shed across the creek Shed across the creek Shed across the creek
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Shed Across The Creek

Our shed has all the elements for todays build, recycled or hand made out of left over materials,function a workshop and storage area, garden supplies area,potting shed,and tool storage. We store our small boats on the backwall, the side slate patio gives a great summer heat retreat, there is a full frount porch and a bridge across the creek, with two hickery rocking chairs to sit in after a hard day of gardening,We also have a hand made copula, on top which cost us about 10.00 to make, we used all left over materials to construct it! This shed will last longer than our 3600 sq ft home!

All the work was done by our hands, the retaining wall foundation, beams, siding,doors to floors,Even the design was drawn out by us.We reused antique windows and door, put old kitchen cabnets to good use and the siding was from a tear down home and the railings on the deck were from another tear down home!We took an unused portion of the yard and made it functional again! I buried a time capsule in the shed so that 60 years or so in the future when this old girl needs a face lift someone will find the capsule and have a laugh, there are toys and photos of the construction money with the year it was built and a note to the finder!

Year first entered 2009


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