B- Side Festival Shed
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B- Side Festival Shed

It was part of the B-Side Arts Festival. I was selected as a artist in residence to use the shed and create art from inside it. I decided to turn it into a small studio and asked people of weymouth to go inside and either draw their own postcard or take one of my cards. It was very unnerving keeping up with demand and drawing enough cards, but over the 3 days i hand drew 450 cards and got another 200 pople from weymouth to come in and draw and send their own versions to people through out the world. Some of the cards sent out frin my shed were plotted on a map of the world.(http://www.b-side.org.uk/postcards.htm)

It was a crap shed I kept banging my head on the roof + Weymouth council never sorted and door properly, so i had to use a plank of wood and screws to secure the door every night. Which ment walking around the festival with a large screwdriver in my pocket all weekend.

Although i have to say i really kind of liked the colors though.

Their website

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