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'The Hut'

The 'Hut' is / was my pride and joy and has been used for a variety of things from music studio to art studio to playroom to guest room to party room. It is 4.7m x 3.5m x just under 4m high and was built as a fully sound proofed music studio and was to be powered by renewable sources (solar panels and a wind generator). I had started to buy all the neccessaries for my 'green' hut but the costs started to really mount up and so I decided to just run a cable from the house instead and sell the eco stuff on ebay. Origonally it was to have an 'upstairs' on one section of the roof space but this never happened (mainly due to finances). We have now moved and i'm currently planning 'Son of Hut', 3.6m x 2.4m and an apex height of 2.4m. I'm toying with the idea of putting it on stilts (using metal fencing spikes and 3 x 3) instead of digging foundations and would welcome any ideas, thanks for looking

The 'Hut' was purpose built in 2003. It was sketched out, foundations dug, frameworks made and habital in about 2 weeks. The frames where made using 3"x 2" on the lawn in front of the hut and then clad in 12mm elliottis (shuttering) plywood. The front and sides where latter clad in 12mm shiplap. 18mm shuttering ply for the roof panels and floor panels and 12mm insulation (pin) board on the inside. The floor, walls and ceiling are all insulated and it is approx. 300mm off the ground on three courses of brick on top of 300mm strip foundations. I bought a cheap panel heater which costs (according to the box!) 1p per hour to run and this makes the temperature very cosy. I've made many things in the past but the 'Hut' is my proudest acheivement...

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