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The Village Hall

Category: Natures-Haven

My shed is special because, even though it is spacious, it only cost οΎ£20. It is entirely constructed out of recycled materials (see below). But there is another reason why my shed is special; it is a place where my grandchildren are blissfully happy. You see, it has a ping-pong table and they love beating their grandfather at table tennis (especially as I taught them to play!). There is also a small gymnasium with a tread mill and one of those bicycles that doesn't go anywhere. And, of course, the shed gathers junk - some of it fascinating for my grandchildren like the stuffed tiger's head with glass eyes that seem to follow your every move. So, my shed is special, not just because it is 'green', but because it is such a happy place. Spiders love it too, not just my grandchildren.

My shed is built from building site hoardings that would otherwise have made a big bonfire. The windows were rescued from a skip outside a pub where all the windows were being replaced (needlessly since 'my' windows are perfectly sound). The lantern was added when I realised that I had four windows too many! The generous door came from a nearby school that was being demolished. The whole shed took about four months to build. My late father used to refer to it as the village hall and somehow the name has stuck.

  • Year first entered 2009
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