s Multi Purpose Hide Out, Workshop/Studio from side of river gorge owned by David G Connor #shedoftheyear
multi purpose hide out multi purpose hide out multi purpose hide out multi purpose hide out multi purpose hide out multi purpose hide out
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Multi Purpose Hide Out

It is a good bird hide, glazed units act as mirror from the outside. One room has three sides,one no door and one fully enclosed so you can choose fresh air as required.The sealed room has light, radio, heater and extractor, plus curtain. The original seat is at a lower level and has storage units above and wood store under seat. The roof decking has heater, cooker dining table etc, and plants. It overlooks river in woods. Could live in it---might have to?

It started as a seat but, because it is on a steep bank needed a retaining wall which got higher as more blocks were salvaged from a previous project. I thought it would look good with a roof so I made a frame. Then I put decking on it to cover the salvaged bits I'd used.Walls from old doors,mirrors and failed double glazed units.It is floored with surplus tiles.It is 12'by 6'and has three rooms fully furnished:lighting, heating, water and 1950's mod cons. I could swop a seat for a loo? and live in.

Year first entered 2009

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