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The Studio

This is by far the best of our 'sheds' and it maybe fails to qualify as such in many ways. However it is a 'Studio', a separate, self-contained building next to the WArkshop (see other entry) and is used for the pursuit of various hobbies, crafts and storage, so I guess that makes it a 'shed' in all but construction and appearance. It's on two levels, with a large 'upstairs' reached by pull-down ladder. Downstairs there are three distinct areas: the 'summerhouse' entrance lobby, with folding doors onto the garden, the main studio/darkroom area and the kitchen. Oh and there's a loo.

It has it's own underfloor heating system, power, running water and drainage. It's built to housing standards, on 3 metre deep foundations (it's near to large trees) with a beam and block suspended floor. Fully insulated and double-glazed, the timber-cladding aims to echo the prevalent historic building style in the area (Essex boarding). I pretty much live in it...

Year first entered 2010


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