A pagans magical fantasy land A pagans magical fantasy land A pagans magical fantasy land A pagans magical fantasy land
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A Pagans Magical Fantasy Land

i feel this shed is unique as it serves many purposes as a summerhouse,place to cast spells and do any pagan work,studio as it houses my dj decks ect and also a hobby room,its handy for the lads to come round and have a few beers and music.with the arrival of our baby next year it serves as a retreat so i can chill out whilst keeping an eye on baby playing in the garden.i have a sheddie wife too who also has her own shed being used the same way as mine,which will be put on this site soon.blessed be sheddies

pics will be posted of a soon to happen shed relocation project,will be moved to a new location shortly.its a good old fashioned 8x6.not having much money ment i couldent splash out but after looking around in diy stores and seeming a little cautious of the build qulity of some i found a good one at our local garden buildings center no chipboard lol all tounge and grove and glass window,exelent for οΎ£300 :-)

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