s Adys Shed, Unexpected from Lower Willingdon owned by Adrian Backshall #shedoftheyear
Adys shed Adys shed Adys shed Adys shed Adys shed Adys shed Adys shed Adys shed Adys shed Adys shed
All photos are copyright of the sheddie Adrian Backshall

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Adys Shed

It was originally going to be just a storage shed. When we first rebuilt our garden, I forgot to lay a mains cable to the shed 100ft away from the house. This gave me the chance to mess around with a solar panel and so I bought a 28 watt panel, got two car batteries and various LEDs and coloured lights to run off the 12V. Once I started I couldn`t stop and now I have a car stereo driving two bookshelf speakers, blue party lights outside, a computer fan in the window, a 300 watt inverter to power 240V stuff (bench grinder and battery chargers). For ambience I use various railway paraffin lamps and candles.

I`ve just taken our lap top down there and it actually got a signal enabling me to surf in the shed!!! How cool is that. All my mates love to come round in the evenings to chill-out to some music with a pot of tea and some biscuits!

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