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3 Steps Bar

pub atmosphere, good selection of spirits,regulars, cold beer, sky sports, wi- fi, bar snacks

Welcome to the smallest "pub" in town, the 3 STEPS BAR

Voted pub shed of the year 2010 & 2013

"This 10x8ft outbuilding looks like any other garden shed. But on closer inspection the "free hut" sign on the door provides a clue as to what lies inside.

"The name came about because you can only take three steps in any direction," laughed Garry, "The idea came about over some drinks with my mates at a barbecue. I'd been saying how great it would be to have a pub in the garden and then I thought, what's stopping me? In 2010 I bought a standard 10x8 shed, insulated it and lined it with mdf, put down a carpet and built a 5.5ft bar. Garry raised the outlay of ᆪ 650 by selling his Xbox, camcorder, laptop and camera on eBay. Since then Garrys spent a fortune on improvements and pub paraphernalia from around the country including a brass footrest that came from a pub in Plymouth and a last orders bell. There's also a fruit machine, dartboard, sound system, heating and optics and The 3 Steps is wirelessly linked to Garrys house alarm.

"best thing about it is that from the outside it looks like any other shed but inside it looks and feels like a proper pub," he continued. "My wifes the best for allowing me to build it in the garden. "I think she's just glad of the peace and quiet when the lads come round and we head to the hut, because then the girls have the house to themselves. Occasionally there's a girls night in the pub and the lads stay in the house to watch the kids, but that's very rare!

"There's a great atmosphere inside, whether it be a Saturday night knocking back shots or a Sunday afternoon watching the football, we've even had a few race nights for local charities.

"The bar has about a dozen regulars and, wherever we go, we take the bar's flag with us so we can take a photo of it on our travels. So far we've taken it to Majorca, Amsterdam, Benidorm, England (3 lions pub shed) and Barcelona with a climb up Ben Nevis on the cards soon, Friends have taken the flag to Afghanistan, Sydney Australia, Cape Town South Africa, Niagara falls, Fort Hood in Texas, New York and recently Hooters Bar in Florida. Framed photos of the flag on its travels cover the walls and ceiling in the pint size pub.

Garry added: "I think some people might get the wrong idea and believe it's unsociable to be drinking in a garden shed, but it's the opposite. There's a strict 11pm curfew and we recently donated ᆪ 211 to the Ayrshire Hospice and ᆪ 225 to Clic Sargent thanks to the collection tin that sits on the bar. We hope to raise money for Help for Heroes in the future, too."


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