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The winner of Shed of the year 2015 is Inshriach Distillery

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Theoldgirl | Unique

Location: Fermanagh - Sheddie: Tom

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Shed Information


Has undegone several reincarnations !

Has a working bakelite telephone so passers by can make "free public calls" - well, nothing is really free, is it ? My phone package includes no charges to other landlines. Unfortnuately, had to stop as people kept using it to make calls to those pesky mobile phones, but undeterred, once I figure out how to barr calls to mobiles, normal service will resume !

Built to accompany three Daleks as a skills project for the children.

Would never have lasted 10 YEARS in all weathers without Cuprinols wood preserve.

Anyone interested in offering a new home let me know at

Also, would love to recreate this in fibreglass, if anyone would like to commission me to do this (or any one off sparetime project) let me know.

Currently working on a full size suit of armour for Halo's Masterchief in time for Halloween.

Keep Calm and Carry On ! Tom

First year entered into Shed Of The Year 2010

Other Information

You can read more about the sheds build here.

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