Griceland astroshed Griceland astroshed
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Griceland Astroshed

My shed is customed made to house a computer controlled telescope. Two sheds joined together, one with the telescope and the other, a warm room containing computer equipment.

My shed is two sheds joined together, one shed has a customed built interior frame that supports the roof, which has 4 rollers. The frame extends outside the shed to the length of the roof. The roof rolls off to allow the telescope to view almost 360 degrees of the sky.An 8" dia. steel pier is concreted into the ground to make a solid base for the telescope....The other shed, which is joined to the first shed, is a "warm" room for observing and processing astro images at the computer...other computers also guide the telescope from the warm room....Both sheds are leak proof and dry.

Their website

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