s Pool Hoose, Eco Shed from Kirkcaldy, Fife owned by Peter McLaren #shedoftheyear
Pool Hoose Pool Hoose Pool Hoose Pool Hoose Pool Hoose Pool Hoose Pool Hoose Pool Hoose
All photos are copyright of the sheddie Peter McLaren

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Pool Hoose

My shed is made from entirely recycled materials. Telegraph poles, scaffolding battens, timber, roofing tin, and glass.

A rose got out of hand and needed severe pruning. It revealled 'unseen' space between a high wall and a pool. We wanted to build something upon which we could see over the wall and into the pool. We had no plans, and only the basic materials. No glass at the outset. This would be organic building. At a watershed I remembered seeing some glass while out on a bike ride months before. I revisited the spot and asked the owner if he still had it, and if he had plans for it. He was happy for me to take it away! It fitted the space better than I could have planned. I use the space as a studio.

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