Kats Halt (signal box). Kats Halt (signal box). Kats Halt (signal box). Kats Halt (signal box).
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  • Kats Halt (Signal Box).
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Kats Halt (Signal Box).

i have always liked signal boxes and to be able to build one in the garden its a dream come true, the sign on the box is the place where i used to walk to along the old disused railway line in county durham, happy days.

the whole build took me 4 months most of the wood came from wickes,but the glass all 16 panes plus 2 that i broke came from ebay ᆪ9.99 pick up only 5 miles away,and the victorian lock ᆪ10.00 another ebay bargain,i also have the stove to hook up yet with a genuine guards van stove pipe ᆪ 2.50 pick up only ebay again. my wife who paid for the shed is the real owner i just built it for her and my daughter and me and they think its cool so i`m in the good books. i thought i should mention the paint its cuprinol garden shades its brilliant stuff the more coats you put on the better it gets.

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