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My shed was my beach hut by the solent at Gurnard untill the land was bought by Southern Water and my hut was dismantled and dumped on my drive in bits.I had the shell re-arrected and spent the summer fitting all the bits together and treating rot and woodworm.My beachhut is now my pride and joy,renamed The Bothy.With electric fitted it gives hours of pleasure,watching Wimbledon,evening drinks,mulling over seed catalogues or just watching the wild birds and my bantams.At night the interior is cosy like the cabin of an old boat.I love it.In the winter it makes a perfect apple store,this year we have just eaten the last[mid April]

The shed/beach hut is a 1930's build,simple sectional construction held together with bolts at the corners.It comes apart in severn sections.Built to last and repair easily.

Year first entered 2011

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