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Bluebox Type 40

Shed Category: Unique

This is Tardis Shed of the year 2012


My shed is based on the current (2010) Tardis prop, as it is the largest design and therefore more practical for storage purposes. As well as being an attractive novelty garden feature, I am using it to store decking furniture when not in use. There are 8 internal flourescent lights and a roof lamp which provide illumination for evening entertaining. Internal speakers and sound effect recordings provide the famous take-off and landing, door opening and cloister bell sounds. The left-hand door features an externally accessed "phone-box" for additional storage.

I built my Tardis shed from my own plans which I'd drawn up on my laptop, scaling it first from a photograph of David Tennant with the BBC prop. It is built primarily from 8 sheets of 8x4ft oriental ply, 18 and 25mm thick. The wood is sealed with 2 coats of Cuprinol "Iris" wood protector and a further coat of external clear varnish. The joints are sealed with external clear sealant. All sign work I made from scratch, using polycarbonate sheeting for the police box signage. The lettering was masked using airbrush masking film before back spraying with black car primer. The "Pull To Open" lettering I engraved into 3mm kydex using a dremel, painted white and then hand painted the black lettering. Update (6/5/14): Due to a recent house move, my TARDIS shed is currently undergoing refurbishment in "spacedock". I will re-post a new set of pictures once she is reassembled in her new location - JW

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