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I have long been fascinated by follies and finally having a small city garden in which to create my own I set about designing the Megashed.

Designed and fabricated from scratch using discarded materials from exhibitions, the project was built on a budget of about οΎ£200.

The ambition for the shed was that it would feel like a part of the garden. The footprint I had available was dictated by several mature fruit trees which I was under strict instruction from my better half not to harm under any circumstance.

The sheds footprint is smaller at the bottom growing out at the top, feeling more spacious and taking advantage of the available space. To avoid projecting too high and in an effort to appease neighbours the ceiling has an inverted pitch, the peak of the pitch is supported by a timer 'I' beam. The shed's window is an 8 foot toughened glass panel previously used as an office partition. It is south facing to maximize sunlight throughout the day. The tapered wall protects the shed from direct sunlight whilst maximizing space.

Built on pier foundations, the shed has an 18mm base on a 3x2 timber frame. The walls are insulated and lined with vapour barrier. They are clad on the inside with plywood and on the outside with featheredge. The inverted roof has exposed joist work supported by a glued timber I beam. It is felted with a rain-chain soon to be added for water run-off. The shed has a dedicated supply and is lit by flouresecnt strips hidden in the ceiling with 3 2-gang sockets.

Year first entered 2011


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