Brad's Tavern Brad's Tavern
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Brad's Tavern

Shed Category: Pub/Entertainment

A garden retreat for friends, family and vistors, from far and wide and all walks of life.

Sit down and enjoy one of the many local Real Ales or just a cup of tea and a biscuit, while the crackle of the radio plays songs starting you on nostalgic trip down memory lane. Photo's, books, musical intstuments and more theres always something to do or look at, taking you away from the hum drum of day to day life, into the carefree friendly atomosphere of Brad's Tavern.

Brad's Tavern started out as a 8x6 Summerhouse, and has been modified in two stages. We extended it forwards 6ft to accomodate our 3 piece Chesterfield Suite, and then we took it back 3ft to create the bar area.

  • Year first entered 2011
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