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Keel Hall

What makes my shed so special> well, it's construction is unique in shed building terms, it has a quirky design and is extremely economic in it's use of materials. Built as a quiet retreat for me and a Play House for my daughters, it has proved to be hugely popular with the girls and their friends. it incorporates 2 built in seats/bunks with storage below, is fully insulated making it snug, cosy and draught free.

Keel Hall is made from moulded, structural insulated plywood panels, bonded together to form a true monocoque. This gives it great structural integrity and rigidity. The use of moulded panels means each panel can be reproduced exactly so more Keel Hall Huts can be produced! It is clad with pressure treated feather edge boarding, mounted on battens overlaying a breathable, impervious membrane. I am currently working on variations on this theme as the interest it has generated is considerable!

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