Kenley Signal Box Kenley Signal Box Kenley Signal Box Kenley Signal Box
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Kenley Signal Box

Shed Category: Workshop/Studio

My workshop is a standard shed that was bought nearby. For a bit of fun I decided to add some timber to change the immediate look of it and I have painted it in Southern Railway colours of the 1930's. Everything else just came together and was added as time went on.

The workshop isn't as pretty inside!!! It's used as a proper workshop with two very messy work benches and tools all over the place. It's as a shed should be!!! ;o)

It's a constant work in progress and has just had double glazing installed, insulation in the roof, new felt, and soon to have a vinyl non-slip floor fitted. All salvaged from where I work.

Added recently are two signals, fire buckets and a canopy above the doors.

The shed is fully protected with steel grilles on the inside and shutters on the outside.

Inside there is a great stereo and tv/dvd player inside to listen to Rock music. My sanctuary! ;o)

Thanks for looking and please vote!!!!

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