Solar Garden Shed Solar Garden Shed Solar Garden Shed Solar Garden Shed Solar Garden Shed Solar Garden Shed Solar Garden Shed
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Solar Garden Shed

I was asked by the college to design a shed for the large organic garden that is a feature of the school's environmental studies program. The shed functions as both a garden shed and a working example of sustainable design and solar energy.

The shed is made of sustainably harvested red wood and polycarbonate cut into horizontal bands that wraps around the building. The horizontal 2"x12" redwood echos the 2"x12" wood used to make the raised gardening beds.

The shed needed to be secure without feeling like a tomb. The translucent polycarbonate panels fill the shed with natural light without offering a view of the tools inside to any prying eyes.

The roof is tilted 22 degrees to match the optimum tilt of the solar panels. The two solar panels are connected to a battery with a converter that delivers AC power to the shed. The shed can double as a charging station for the students crossing campus.

The shed was prefabricated off-site which sped up construction and installation.

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