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The Hut

Desperate for storage after moving here from larger house 4 years ago, also an area to set up a drawing board to continue working as a cartoonist. After several redesigns, every inch is now utilised and with the addition of a triple seat from my ex-minibus (now converted to a camper) it's a perfect bolthole!

Originally a standard 10'x8' new shed its had some alterations...I'm a frantic recycler...My drawing board is built from an old bed headboard, mounted on an unwanted wardrobe door...Cupboards and drawers are from a charity shop. New opening windows installed are from an Ikea T.V. unit glass doors and the frame was made from scrap. Storage units are old boxes from the move, covered in fablon and tabletops are from scrap found in the street! Most effective though is insulation...Ivies, honeysuckle and virginia creeper are growing up all sides now and it works! That way, I can still allow airflow around the inside of the shed and see the condition of the wood, without losing any inside area. I spend 3-4 hours a day (and night) working/chilling in the hut.. Its got power and summer the partially sunken storage box which contains mower and strimmers etc, support a custom built seat for both of us, and the barbecue is built next to the herb garden which grows under the new window. Security is from old mesh dog guards cut and fit over the windows, which open internally and are fitted with venetian blinds altered after Mother-in-law replaced hers at home.

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