The Shed formerly known as The Shed formerly known as
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The Shed Formerly Known As

Our shed was erected a few years ago after we knocked down an old rotting one. We chose a wooden summerhouse style as we fancied somewhere to sit in the shade and have a cup of tea or sip some wine. It is a traditional summerhouse style and although this isnt unusual we made it into a retreat. We have placed two nice metal/black cusion chairs in it with a matching small glass topped table in the middle with drink mats for hot drinks. We also have a squre black soft pufa/somewhere for an extra person to sit. Also we have a smaller pufa that opens up to store some cans/acts as a seat. We have an extra black fold away chair too. We have lights which look like candles so we can sit in there when it gets dusk and have a chat/drink. (They are rechargeable via electric). On the wall of the shed we have a lovely picture. On the floor we have a mat which fits all over the floor. We sometimes put the cats spare bed in the shed as he loves to sit in there. We have a picture of a cat which looks just like our old 20 year old cat that died - we would of loved the shed too. We sit there and our daughter and cat come and sit with us too - and we listen to the birds and look at the garden and chat. Its very relaxing as its away from the phone - and almost like a caravan holiday in our garden! (with fairy lights in the apple tree which light up int he evening.

We bought the shed and had it erected for us. We dismantled and took away the old shed ourselves. If we had known the people who put the new one up would of taken away all the old material! Try and paint the shed to keep it nice - and dust/hoover occasioally to keep out spiders!

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